Connect to Exchange Online PowerShel


Advantage of using Exchange Online PowerShell V2 Module: 

  • EXO V2 module uses Modern Authentication. i.e, you can connect to Exchange Online PowerShell with Modern Authentication.
  • You can download EXO V2 module easily from PowerShell gallery
  • Single cmdlet ‘Connect-ExchangeOnline’ let you connect to Exchange Online PowerShell with MFA and non-MFA account. 
  • EXO V2 cmdlets are REST API-based cmdlets that are much faster and more reliable.
  • EXO V2 module contains new cmdlets like Get-EXOMailbox, Get-EXOMailboxStatistics, Get-EXOMailboxFolderPermission that are optimized for bulk data retrieval
  • The older cmdlets like Get-Mailbox, Get-MailboxStatistics, Get-MailboxFolderPermission are still available in the EXO V2 module for backward compatibility

Install Exchange Online PowerShell V2 Module: 

Step 1 Start Windows PowerShell with the “Run as administrator” option. 

Step 2: Install-Module PowerShellGet -Force

Step 3 Install-Module –Name ExchangeOnlineManagem

Step 4  Connect-ExchangeOnline

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