able to access Lifecycle Manager in VC 7.0 U3 with AD users


In 7.0 U3; when you try to access LifeCycle Manager with AD accounts(e.g. by clicking the Lifecycle Manager icon in the vSphere Client main menu), an error is encountered :

“Authentication failed, Lifecycle Manager server could not be contacted.”

When using an SSO-internal account or the default admin account administrator@vsphere.local, you can successfully access Lifecycle Manager without issues.

I added the AD user to Administrator SSO Group and still got same issue. 


As a workaround you have to use account from the SSO-internal vsphere.local domain, for example administrator@vsphere.local, to access the Lifecycle Manager.

VMware is aware of the issue and working on a fix. Please subscribe to article

UPDATE : Issue is fixed in 7.0 U3a (