Enable the passthrough for the USB eToken or smart card reader to a guest operating system in ESXi


this steps is to enable passthough of USB etoken / smart cards on ESXi v7

PCSCD is the smart card daemon that claims and controls smart card readers. When you want to passthrough a USB smart card or etoken to the guest, the ESXi tries to pull the device from the PCSCD service. which lead to passthrough failuer , so you should stop this daemon in order to release this eToken for the guest os


1- power off the virtual machine .

2- Open the vmx configuration file and add/edit below to file

3- usb.generic.allowCCID = “TRUE”

4- sudo /etc/init.d/pcscd status if running pls run the next command

5- sudo /etc/init.d/pcscd stop

6- add usb H/W to te VM