vCenter Server Appliance disk size summary


vCenter has two sizes, appliance size and storage size, and the appliance is divided into Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge , and the storage is Default, Large, XLarge, which are divided into 15 sizes in total (hereinafter, Tiny – Like Default, appliance size – storage size). Depending on the size of the appliance, the vCenter Server appliance has different CPU and memory capacities, but also different storage capacities (Tiny – Default and XLarge – Default have different storage capacities). Conversely, even if the storage size is different, the CPU and memory capacity are the same.

In addition, vCenter holds 16-17 vmdk virtual disks, each of which has a different role and capacity, and when expanding vCenter storage, the individual vmdk virtual disk size will be expanded.1 .

However, since the document did not mention the size of the individual disk capacity, this article summarized it as a memorandum. All units are GB. See here for the usage of each disc .

* 1
there was no information in the ovf file for the root partition, Tiny – Default and XLarge – XLarge were actually deployed, and since both were 48.56GB, it was assumed that there was no difference depending on the size, and it was described as 48.56.

* 2
There was no information in the ovf file for the none (tmp) partition, and there was a slight difference between Tiny – Default and XLarge – XLarge. Since Tiny – Default is 4.98GB and XLarge – XLarge is 6.31GB, it is assumed that it falls within this range and is described as 4.98 – 6.31.

* 3
Disk 17 is named lvm_snapshot, and although the ovf file describes the capacity for each size, vmdk did not exist in Tiny – Default and it existed in XLarge – XLarge. Details are unknown. The storage capacity that can be confirmed by the installer at the time of deployment is the total capacity including lvm_snapshot.

* 4
The value of the disk capacity seen by VAMI (vCenter management UI that can be connected with 5480 port) is slightly lower than the value in the table. From the values ​​it doesn’t seem to be the difference between GiB and GB units, but details are unknown.

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