VMware automation tools (Part 1)



Virtualization aims to ease the life of the sysadmin, the physical infrastructure and hardware infrastructure that created a lot of waste of resources over the years has been eliminated. However, the growth in the number of virtual footprints in the VMware environment and the increase in complexity require effective ways to manage daily repetitive tasks to avoid wasting more time and resources.

VMware automation tools are very useful as they enhance the performance of the virtual system and help IT administrators to speed up routine tasks with the least amount of time

Vmware automation Tool List

  1. vRealize Automation (VRA)
  2. vRealize Orchestrator (VRO)
  3. vRealize Business Enterprise.
  4. VMware vRealize Operations (vROps)
  5. vSphere Utilities and Programs tools.
  6. vCenter Converter.

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