Farewell, vCenter Server for Windows


With the increase in the complexity of the Data centers, infrastructure and the abundance and variety of infrastructure management solutions, the need appeared to simplifying the Data center management with the presence of providing reliable solutions for managing Data centers

Therefore,It is In term of simplifying data center administration and lifecycle management for IT. VMware is simplifying the deployment of vCenter Server and the centralized management platform for vSphere environments.

Accordingly, VMware has deprecated vCenter Server for Windows with the release of vSphere 6.7. vSphere 7 versions do not include center Server for Window (vSphere 6.7 Release Notes).

For a while now, VMware has been publicizing the benefits of the appliance deployment model over its Windows counterpart. for example ,for the VCSA-exclusive capabilities such as file-based backup and restore, unified update and patching, native vCenter High Availability, Given the significant performance of VCSA , it was chosen to become the platform of choice for vCenter Server.

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